Saturday, September 27

Photos from Bua

Our homestay house -- on the right, the family house -- built by a government grant about a year ago, with one central room, two small bedrooms, and an add-on wooden kitchen in the back built by the family. On the left, the guest ¨casita¨, or little house, that Noah and I share, that they built earlier this summer to house relatives for Andy´s baptism.

The construction site at the school -- in the foreground, the bases for the six eco toilets (with two chambers each so that one can lay fallow half the time). The hired skilled workers did most of this concrete brick laying -- the TBB group mostly worked to dig the trenches in the background, haul dirt, and do other various projects around the school like redoing sinks.

Me with my host-brother, Andy (on the right) and a neighborhood kid.

Some kids at the elementary school where we´ve been working on toilet building.

Evening sunset over a game of volleyball at the local tienda.

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PEK said...

Lizzie -
I was wondering from your photos why all of the re-bar is bunched in the corners of the cement blocks. Now I understand why - a cautionary tale about assuming people in other countries do things the way we do! Hopefully the engineers' work around will be as structurally sound as putting the re-bar through the cement blocks.